Tummy Tuck Before Beach Vacation

When planning a vacation at the beach

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Tummy Tuck Before Beach Vacation

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tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck Before Beach Vacation

When planning a vacation at the beach, many individuals wonder when the most advantageous time would be to schedule their tummy tuck. The tummy tuck procedure, also called an abdominoplasty, is an operation performed by a plastic surgeon in order to tighten up the abs. This procedure is not chosen simply because of fat but rather because of an excess of redundant skin. The belly has been stretched out of shape due to pregnancies, repeated weight gain and loss or even after a gastric bypass. Both men and women are commonly troubled by belly sag. If they are planning a vacation to a coastal region, they will most likely want to swim and lie on the beaches. If an unplanned pregnancy occurs while they are away from their hotels, they may also want to swim and lie on the beaches so as to relieve themselves of the extra weight.

Although there are ways to tighten the skin and form a nice flat tummy, the procedure will not be done until after the vacation is over. First, a full examination has to be performed by the plastic surgeon. The breasts must be thoroughly examined and each one is checked for any appear of breast cancer or fluid retention. Liposuction can also be performed in order to get rid of extra fat from specific areas. Tummy tucks are major surgeries that will alter the way you look and feel while they are also significantly improving your health as well. While they are invasive, they are often much more successful than liposuction.

Tummy tucks are performed in hospitals or outpatient clinics, with a full incision along the complete area. The plastic surgeon makes two or three small incisions around the tummy tuck area. A Hemorrhoid bandage is often left in place for a few days. This is to allow bare skin to touch the area of the tummy tuck. One or both of the breasts may be operated during the tummy tuck procedure. Incisions are made around each side of the torso, and sometimes a crease may be created in the abdominal wall. This is usually left unnoticed.

The tummy tuck procedure is typically done under general anaesthesia. This would be performed by a surgeon, with the patient under general anaesthesia, and a tube is inserted that connects directly into the stomach. Whilst this is not as invasive or as extensive as a traditional stomach bypass, both the incisions are made large as well as everlasting. This means during your tummy tuck procedure, you are left with a scar.

Recovery from a tummy tuck depends on the individual. Physical therapy can be done immediately after the tummy tuck surgery in order to get the patient used to the new abdominal area. Ice wraps and anti-inflammatory medicines can also be used after the tummy tuck surgery to help reduce pain and let the body recover. More serious patients may need to stay in hospital for an additional day or two to ensure they heal properly.

The tummy tuck procedure is done for a variety of reasons. In some cases, it is done to help people lose weight. In other cases, it is done to remove excess skin that does not stay tummy after weight loss. tummy tuck tummy surgery is permanent surgery, which makes it the subject of discussion whenever a person plans on losing weight or getting a tummy tuck.


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