Newark SEO services

SEO is a set of techniques to increase the visibility of a website by improving its position in the search engine rankings. SEO is an abbreviation (acronym) that stands for "Search Engine Optimization," literally translated as search engine optimization.

The techniques of SEO are multiple and concern different aspects of a site:

  • Site architecture
  • HTML code
  • Content
  • Linkbuilding

Newark SEO services

Keyword research and competitor analysis

Identifying performing keywords is fundamental to the success of an SEO strategy. To this end I will first ask you to complete a questionnaire as comprehensively as possible, to collect all the information about your business and the services/products to be promoted. This information is necessary to better understand the reference market and evaluate its opportunities.
Secondly, using professional tools like the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Market Samurai, etc. and by studying the keywords used by the competitors, I will select the most relevant and performing ones on which to invest.
The task of an SEO Specialist is to search for keywords that respond to user queries, also including evasive shifts in demand or latencies. The keywords selected must also present the right compromise between a high volume of research and SEO competition that is not excessively high to achieve results in a short time. For this purpose, a study of the most relevant competitor sites will be carried out for each keyword.

Technical SEO Audit

The SEO Audit is a fundamental activity to diagnose any "pathologies" and to determine the amount and type of work to be done to transform a website from a common unknown to a work machine that can produce a real advantage for a 'company.
Performing SEO analysis means working to control:

internal and external linking
the response codes and any 404/410 resources
duplicate resources
the essential metatags (title, description, keywords)
resource directives (index, index, follow, nofollow)
the web server log files
analyze the backlink profile: anchor, type, sources
diagnose any penalties

From the technical SEO Audit comes an analysis document that consists of a detailed plan where the problems are diagnosed and illustrated the solutions and activities that must be implemented so that the site has visibility on search engines. In this document, there is also a proposal for an editorial plan.

Consequently, this document is of enormous value and not the typical "copy and paste" proposed unnecessarily by many agencies.
For websites under construction, the SEO Audit is carried out work in progress to prevent problems that would be more complex to manage at the site completed and published online.

These are just the basics of SEO Audit, I avoid going further to avoid being too verbose and in any case for more information on the service do not hesitate to visit the page dedicated to the SEO Audit.

Editorial Plan

The preparation and the consequent development of the Editorial Plan stem from the certainty that sites that are poor in content or with poor quality content will never be able to conquer the top positions of the Google ranking.
So the keywords will be implemented on the site through specially created content. These contents will have to deal with the topics in a precise and accurate way to be useful, entertaining and informative for the users. If the editorial plan provides continuous support each month, new search terms will be selected to produce articles.

Copywriting and optimization of contents

The SEO Copywriting service consists of the production and optimization of texts to make them interesting for the search engines but at the same time for the user. In this phase, I usually turn to professional copywriters to create captivating texts for users, limiting my activity to optimizing texts for search engines. This stage is crucial because it concerns one of the fundamental characteristics of web marketing: persuasion. Naturally, the texts, once ready, must be approved by the client before being published on the site.

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing strategy. But today SEO has evolved: many of the "classic" rules are still important, but they must be combined with other activities: design, public relations, social media, content strategies and advertising.

That's why, with every Newark SEO solution, you get a professional service carried out by people who spend their time studying your products and services, and who are always looking for ways to improve your visibility. We offer you as a strategic partner for your business, your dedicated marketing contacts, working with you to achieve your goals.