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SEO - the long term solution to great business

Websites are the wave of the future. There is no denying that a good website will get you noticed.

It's an investment but you can work on bringing in traffic and getting your name out there. Whether you are a business or a person who offers goods or services, you will want your website to do something for you. They're expensive and time-consuming to build.

You might have even paid professional big bucks to do your website. This means that you want it to yield fruit, but this is only the first step in your process.

You will then need to get people interested in your site. You will need to find a way to get to the top of Google. So even after your website, it completed your journey on promoting it has just begun.

When it comes to SEO, you'll find that it's more of a long term approach for your website's advertising. There are a lot of strategies out there, like Pay Per Click, that will yield faster results than Search Engine Optimization. Your strategy for promoting your site will be up to you.

It will be up to how much time you have to dedicate. It will have to do with whether you want to pour money into it quickly, or just to move at a slower pace. There's so much that goes into website promotion to get you to the top of any search engine. You can do it all on your own, or you can hire someone to manage it.

You can work on it by dumping in a lot of money initially, or instead work towards a steady long term approach. A lot of what you do depends on whether you want ads on your site. Advertising can be out of control in terms of money generation.

People can click away if the ads are distracting. So SEO is more of a way you can advertise your site and get it ranking without using advertising or affiliate links. However, when it comes to investigating advertising, it is good to do a deep dive into all of it. It can all be viable options for you when you are first starting.

In the following article, we will take a deep dive into SEO and how to utilize it to your advantage. We will also explore how you may want to use other strategies as well if you want to get immediate traffic to your site. All in all, you will get a vivid picture regarding your options for promoting your site and growing your traffic, leading to a vibrant business.

Pay Per Click- Short Term Results

When it comes to paying per click, it is just how it sounds. People advertise on other sites. If people happen to click through when visiting the site to the advertiser's site, the site owner will get money.

It's a system that has been the foundation of making Internet money for ages. Back in the day, people used to advertise in newspapers and magazines. They would pay for how big the ad is. They might even pay for the full page, which was common with magazines.

In newspapers, they would have their ads in the classified or just scattered around the paper. The larger the ad, the more money the newspaper would make. This is exactly the model that Internet advertising took from, so before you say that it's unfair, it's been this way for centuries since the printing press.

Now, when it comes to paying per click, you will have to either be on the side of the advertiser, or on the side of making your advertisement for your site.

Those who want to drive traffic to their site will choose to advertise on popular websites. You might only care if people come to you. You might even be running PPC on your site too. Or, you might only want to pay if they buy your product. As you can imagine, the later will be a more lucrative click and cost more.

However, at least your advertisement is free unless you get people buying from your site.

In this multi-layered and multi-faceted web, you will certainly have a lot of people who are just in it for the short term.

You may be the type of person who is not willing to hire a social media manager to use all their bag of tricks. You might feel that a PPC approach is the best way for you. You will get customers or traffic and start making money right away.

Or if you don't, you can move onto Plan B. A short term approach to PPC is likely what it will be though unless you are already a profitable company who can afford to keep paying for traffic or purchases.

Many people have PPC and it's a great way to get money on your actual site if you aren't advertising a product or service. For example, if you have a content-based site and you're not using affiliate links.

It's a way to do business that is clean and easy. However, it may not be exactly what you hoped for as you don't get to choose what ads come your way.

Your site's purpose could be a little murky with toe fungus ads on the side. Nonetheless, this is an approach of note when it comes to your site.

SEO- You're in This for the Long Term

When you're invested in your site, you're invested. Maybe during this pandemic, you lost your job and you need to think of something quick. Maybe you've never worked in an office and you've been trying your hand with online work.

However, you need a website to get into the game more and generate income. Whatever your reason, if you're at all invested in your site for the actual purpose of it, and not just as a PPC site, then you will want to be using SEO.

SEO is the best approach for keeping on your mission because you'll be using keywords to get people to your site. They will be keywords that are relevant to you and your purpose. If you've started a website because you care about what you're doing, you'll be grateful that they've invented SEO for you. It's like going to a newspaper and pulling the Business section.

You might like all the other sections, but you want to read about business. Your readers will be pulling the topic that they want. They might like to makeup or other things, but they want to know about what you have to offer when they're putting in your SEO words. They just might not know it yet.

The Process of SEO

The process of SEO is not mystical. People think that they need a manager for their website for this. It's true, a manager will have all the bags of tricks. They will have industry access. However, they come at an industry price tag that you may not be ready for.

You can implement SEO yourself. It's simpler than you realize. You can start by brainstorming. In your think tank session, you should write out all the words that you associate with your website.

Get creative and pretend you were searching for your site without knowing it. What kind of words would you plug into the box? Think outside the box but mainly in the box.

These words and their spellings are important as well. If you want to attract British clientele, you will have to use the American spelling as well as the British spelling of the word.

All of these little tricks help. Additionally, think of Canadian spelling and measurements as opposed to just American ones if you need that North American business. All of this will help your endeavor to narrow down your list.

You might wonder if you do have to narrow down the list? You don't necessarily have to. You can put in as many words as you can think of. Your list will be long.

You will want to attract people on different platforms as well, so make sure that you hashtag the words for the Instagram crowd. Using the hashtags can be arduous though so try to have a cut and paste a section of the word where you can plug those words back into your lists on WordPress.

Staying Consistent

There will always be places on whatever type of site host you are using to plug in keywords for SEO. You'll have to research where these are because all of the platforms are a little bit different.

If your behind the scenes looks messy, then fear not. You can always have your trusty tutorials for the platform by your side, training you more about SEO.

It's set up for it if you assemble the page properly, so you don't have to worry about it being a secret that no one knows.

One of the main things to remember about SEO is to stay consistent. You don't and can't approach this as something you won't work on. SEO is a cornerstone to a website and it's one of the simplest ways you can promote your pages.

So, for all of your articles or subpages, make sure that you put your SEO words in. You can change some words for different pages too, but remember to keep your mainstays the same. Your main words should be your business name or website title as well as your location if this is relevant.

Additionally, you will want to remind people of the topic or purpose of the site through SEO. If you forget the purpose keywords, it's a little bit like your forget to label your section of the newspaper The Business Section. Without a label, people will be less likely to be able to find you.

Short Term Versus Long Term SEO

Even though SEO is generally considered a long term strategy by professionals, there is still a difference in the types of SEO strategies you can employ. There is long term SEO and there is short term SEO.

What you choose is based on your own preferences. The experts will recommend a long term SEO strategy because it is more long-lasting. However, it is still based on what you want to do with your webpage to determine the way that you will personally go.

Short Term SEO

When you employ a short term strategy, you will always be trying to go with the current algorithms. Since the algorithms are a losing battle, you will have to always be keeping up with the changes.

The search engine software engineers are always trying to update their algorithms. This is why you will be constantly chasing something that is continually changing. This doesn't sound like a productive use of time.

You may have a successful SEO strategy in place based on the current algorithms. Your keywords are on trend and you are finding that you come up in your searches. Additionally, people are getting to your site and you are getting the traffic that you deserve. However, suddenly you find that this is not the case.

People are not coming to your site and your own personal numbers are just decreasing. You may also notice that your ROIs are decreasing. This means that you are probably experiencing a dreaded change from the algorithm masters upstairs.

They're just doing their job, but on your end, it is dramatically affecting your bottom line. You will be constantly reacting to changes and not ever on top of your game.

The only person that is benefiting from algorithm-chasing is your SEO professionals. If you are outsourcing, then these are the people that are making money trying to fix your low numbers. You're not benefiting.

Even if you are doing SEO all on your own, you will still be racking your brain wondering what's wrong. Imagine you didn't know about the changes. Imagine you thought that it was something inherently wrong with your site, or that people just didn't like or need your product anymore.

In a world like this, you would be lost. It's a good thing now that you know that a lack of traffic suddenly will probably be a denotation that SEO is changing. When it shifts, you will have to evolve with the times or relegate yourself to irrelevance in the digital sphere.

The former will probably be what you go after.

You might think that you will beat the algorithm chase by hiring an expert in the field. However, the problem with this strategy is that again, they don't know what's going on either.

They don't get inside knowledge about these changes. It's kind of like insider trading. If you knew what was going on behind the scenes, then you would change your patterns to reflect that. However, no one is knowing or supposed to know these things. That's what makes SEO a bit of a gamble.

Long Term SEO

Here you are at a crossroads, will you be someone who grows your business or will you be someone who is constantly keeping up with trends to do so?

You probably will opt for the seed approach. This is a little bit like watering a plant. You get the seeds and you know what they will produce, eventually.

You follow the protocol by giving your plant nutrients, sunlight, and water. You know that your type of plant needs certain environmental conditions, so you plan for that. Eventually, you are rewarded with the plant.

This is how the long term SEO process works. It will take time and there is no short cut. However, what works for you today will likely work a year from now.

You just simply need to start and watch it grow. You will need to know though about the behaviors of your potential clients on the web too. They all search in different ways, so you will need to be prepared for that.

Some people like to put in questions into their web searches. They simply are inquisitive and a full-on question will suffice their needs. There are other types of searching styles as well. Other people go on the web and just like to take their chances. They are not as purpose-driven.

These people will click on anything that elicits their attention. They are drawn to graphics, concepts, and even just impulse-driven.

Your goal in accomodating these different web searchers is to make your own intentions clear through SEO. You don't want the readers to be confused when they land on one of your subpages.

You want them to understand why they have come here immediately, and if they want to stay. This means that your title will be clear and include SEO if possible. You will put your behind the scenes ducks in a row.

Your header and HTML text will all have your SEO in them. Additionally, your opening paragraphs and anchor text will be SEO lead.

This approach is not keeping up with trends or trying to chase algorithms. It is a simple, clear approach that will minimize confusion and get the people that might be interested in your concept to your site. It's like being an expert in a field instead of a generalist. Generalists are great because they know a little bit of everything.

They can help you by guiding you to an expert or generally summarizing the complexities of an expert. However, a true expert is where you want to go if you have a problem and you need the cutting edge technology. You don't need the most general advice or common sage wisdom, you need a targetted solution for your practical problem.

In the end, your long term SEO will be sending people to you that need exactly what you are offering. This approach is wise and it will get you the best kind of traffic. You will get the traffic that leads to sales, audiences, and generally end results. All in all, you want to be gearing your keywords to precision in all the right categories.


As you can see, SEO is not as confusing as it sounds. We've attempted to demystify the process for you so that whether you are doing this on your own or with an expert, you understand how it works.

You should now know the difference between a short term SEO strategy and a long term one. You will be able to pick people to help you based on vetting and insider knowledge.

You will also be able to advocate for what you want. You have to know that SEO is a long term process no matter what. It's just something that will be changing all the time for you or something that will be constant and deliberate.

This is the difference between your algorithm-chasing short term strategies versus your longer-term slow and steady wins the race approach.

Ultimately, you will still have decisions to make. There will be brainstorming sessions to be had. You may find you're a natural at SEO or you might want the comfort of an expert. Your company might be small or large.

You may need outsourcing or you could just be starting out in an incubator. Whatever your skill level and business size, this article is for you.

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