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DoorDash gift cards are easy to use and connect the user with special deliveries within their city.

DoorDash is available in more than 4,000 cities across the US, Australia, and Canada. Its primary goal is to connect people with incredible possibilities that result in significant savings, wide nets, strong communities, and makes any day marvelous. Their main goal is to empower local businesses along with local drivers who are also known as Dashers.

The gift cards allow you to become your boss while working where and when you want to. However, you must have a smartphone and a bike or car to use as a transport mode. The DoorDash started as a door-to-door delivery service. But with time has grown to a vast possibility that allows people to connect and buy from their comfort.

What Can Customers Get With DoorDash Gift Cards?

Customers can buy a good meal from their favorite restaurants using DoorDash gift cards. You place your order online and use the eGift card when checking out. A meal will be delivered to your doorstep, and you can order from almost any store or restaurant in the 4,000 cities where DoorDash gift cards.

A delicious meal is within your reach anytime. It is not a perfect way to buy your meals, but you can also place an order for birthday, graduation, or employees' party.

How to Sign Up For DoorDash Gift Cards

For you to sign up for DoorDash gift cards, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must 18 years or older
  • Own a bicycle, scooter, or a car
  • Be a qualified driver with a valid driving license
  • If you live in the US, you should have a social security number
  • Should be ready to undergo a background check

Steps to follow when signing up:

  • Fill an application form and submit it
  • Select driver orientation
  • Finish the sign-up
  • Download the app and get started

How do customers redeem their gift cards?

  • Create your account or sign in if you already have via the DoorDash app or go to www.doordash.com.
  • Go to account and move to Credits and Gift Cards.
  • For a physical gift card, you have to scratch it off first.
  • Enter the gift card PIN

There you go; it is as easy as that to redeem your gift card.

How to view your credit balance

Before you purchase anything, it is worth knowing how much credit is in your gift card. Here are some simple steps to follow, but they are different depending on whether you are using a phone or a desktop.

Using a mobile phone

  • Click Account on the far lower right side
  • Move to Account CreditsYou will get confirmation and see the remaining total amount of credits.

Website Users

  • Go to the menu or the three stalked lines and click
  • Move to Credits and Gift Card
  • The total amount of credits left will reflect.

The best thing with DoorDash gift cards is that you do not have to use all your credit in a single order. The remaining credits will apply by default in your next order.

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