About Rank no.1

A leading SEO agency in Scandinavia, Uk and USA

About us

Rank no 1 is an international SEO agency that believe on values ​​founded on fellowship and interaction. Through interaction and community fantastic results are produced and limits are erased.

We are aiming for the results to be of the highest quality possible so that our work will stand as an example to follow.

Client goals are our goals. When the customer succeed in achieving their goals, we also succeed.

All our customers are special, and collaboration with Rank No. 1 should be a positive experience that provides the basis for further growth in customers’ businesses.


We started as a small SEO agency in Norway in 2012. From thereon we grew into the surrounding countries and over the pond to the UK.

At this point we are proud to say that we outrank nearly 5000 other SEO agencies in the UK for all of our prefered SEO search phrases. This of course generate a lot of business for us, so now we are startin up the same in the US.

The idea is quite simple. We do the exact same things for our clients, as we do for ourselves. If we can beat all our competitors in the SEO-niche, you can beat all the competitors in yours.

We are ready to get you going.


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