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The audit reveals technical issues holding your site back in search engines, and delivers a to-do list on how to fix it.

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We identify who is searching for your products or services.

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We make it easier for search engines to choose your site as the preferred landing place for the organic search traffic


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Drive traffic thru Google's own marketing platform and only pay for the clicks you get


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Our team of experts designs websites that puts your incoming traffic to good use.



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SEO – The long term solution to building a solid business.

The work that is done to make your page rank highly in search engines. Did you know that when customers decide to make a purchase of goods the decision in 60% of cases takes place on the internet?

So, the question is; How visible is your site, compared to your competitors?

Most people use Google when looking to find goods and services. Most of these searches are not for a company brand name, but for generic phrases like "cool shoes", "cheap travel" or "efficient accountant".

If you always have the number 1 of the non-paying matches you can just stop reading. You have already obtained in the majority of Internet users, and there is no need for SEO services.

On the other hand, if you are you one of those who have competitors who snap the spot above you in searches, we can help.

The point is, the customers will klick their way into whatever they searched for, the question is if its your store, or someone else's.

Over time we have developed a method to place you on the first page of Google. This has proven to be a Highly effective method, but it requires hard work on our part. It’s not an easy shortcut where you pay for clicks and pop up the rankings, only to disappear again just as quickly as you came. Our method is a long laborious process that gradually consolidates you as the dominant player in the search within your industry.
You will get a natural visibility in relation to your competitors, and your clients will see you as an authority in your marked. Our experience has showed us that the method should be looked at as a long term strategic project. It is like growing a tree. When you give it the right amount of fertilizer and water over time, you get a strong tree that can withstand any storm that might come along.

They key to a healthy business is to position yourself in a way that makes the sales come to you, instead of you going out to hunt them.

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